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Why you Should Use Medallions and Coins?

There are dozens of people who are having issues with their alcohol intake. There are also dozens of people who are looking for ways to stop the alcohol addiction. People are forming into groups who work together to help each other stop the alcohol addiction and start a new life. Group sponsor meetings are conducted to help these alcoholic members start a new life. These meetings are given a platform to encourage one another on how to stop being an addict and a slave to alcoholic beverages, this is the best avenue to let out stress and anger as well. They help one another to promise that they will no longer have any alcoholic beverage. You don’t just get friends here, in this kind of group, you get to have another family, the type that will endure with you all the way through. A number of addicts have already won against the hardships of alcohol addiction and that is all thanks to how they form a true relationship with the other members.

The reward system is also another major part in this activity, when a member stays sober, he or she will get a medallion or coin as a token to his or her sobriety. The medallions or coins handed out will have different colors and made from different materials. These coins will correspond to the number of days that the member has been sober or without any alcohol inside of his or her system, it may even become months or years. There are also coins that will celebrate a person’s first day of being sober which will be in the color, white. A bronze coin will be given to the person who has been sober for a week as well. A metallic coin is given to you when you reach the first month milestone. You will receive more coins as you dive into a life of sobriety, as you continue to avoid alcohol and later your system will no longer want it. The people who get coins will become and example that the others will follow because they too would like to get coins and feel good about it.

You need to know that stopping an addiction is very hard, it is what your systems wants and it is quite difficult to defy what your body needs and what your body wants, this is why you should be happy that you have also tried to stop.

If you want to win against the addiction, your best bet is to work together and work hard to get those coins, it will give you a sense of honor and respect that others will also follow and that will cause a chain reaction.

By following this guide, you will be able to see how important these coins can be in encouraging alcoholics to stop with the addiction.

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