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The Myths of Life Coaching Demystified

In as much as the life coaching profession has been here for some years with us, we have still witnessed a level of confusion amongst some of us concerning the specifics of the profession and what it serves as with. This misconception is understandable since it happens to be one of the practices which have a late introduction into the market and are just coming to get the awareness in the d field. We will put a bit of emphasis in this article to clear the air on some of the commonly misunderstood aspects of this profession of life coaches for a clearer understanding.

A number of people oftentimes take the profession of life coaches and that of psychotherapy to be essentially similar. The two fields of operation are distinctively marked in difference by the time period to which they are concerned with as thy address the plan for remedying the condition before them. Psychotherapy is more into a patient’s past events in life while a life coach is more future focused with the patient they are dealing with. A life coach will essentially help the patient set realizable goals for their lives and help them also set strategies for the accomplishment of these.

Have you ever been of the opinion that life coaching is not a profession in the actual aspects of a professional practice?- this is the other misunderstanding we clarify about this profession. You will be surprised to know if you have held this practice as one with no professional backing and credentialing to know that we have associations and schools which are verily set up to oversee the practice of life coaching. There is a growing number of businesses and individuals who are ever demanding for the certification of the life coaches all whose efforts contribute largely to the development of the profession.

There is another myth to be debunked on life coaches which has led many to think that coaching is all about the executive and celebrity world. As much as there are a number of life coaches of the executive class, there are also a number of the life coaches who offer their services to your specific and rather ordinary needs. This is even more so considering the affordability and availability of the life coaching services.

You will find some confused over this profession thinking it has a lot to do with spirituality. The skills for life improvement afforded by the life coaches will in most cases be of little spiritual leaning sometimes completely lacking yet very practical all the same. The strengthening of your wholesome person connection may only come as an end product of the therapy.

Better you are now as you think of going for a life coach as you now have these common misconceptions clarified.

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