Despite His Divorce Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Believes A Marriage Is Meant To Last Forever

According to the beliefs of the Christ Embassy a divorce should never happen during the Christmas season. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has taken the time to sincerely explain his personal thoughts regarding divorce, and the unfortunate end of his marriage. Divorce is an extremely confusing issue for all religions, and the Christian faith is no exception.

The debate regarding divorce has been going on for an incredibly long time. Some people believe when a marriage is not working, and beyond repair, the individual should be allowed to leave the marriage when it becomes clear the marriage cannot be saved. Other people believe a marriage is meant to last until ended by death, and it must be permitted to last until this time.

Despite the unfortunate split from his wife earlier in the year, according to the statement he made Pastor Chris Oyakhilome believes a marriage is intended to last forever. This is the message he wants to deliver to the individuals who follow the Christ Embassy, of which he is the founder. The husband is the male partner in the marriage, but the female partner must believe and cooperate as well if the marriage is to last.

According to the reports of PM News, the Christ Embassy does not believe in divorce, most especially during the Christmas season. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome feels the blame for his unfortunate divorce rests with his ex-wife Anita. He explained that he does not feel Christians should divorce, but sometimes this is a step that must be taken. Sometimes there is simply no other choice. Pastor Chris also made it extremely clear taking this step does not mean that it is right. He does not feel people should have to go to the courts, but he realizes this can happen anyway. The situation must simply be handled to the best of the persons ability.

The divorce of Chris and Anita Oyakhilome became final on February 8th of 2016. Once the process had been completed, Anita completely pulled out of the Christ Embassy church. According to Pastor Chris, the only way to help Reverend Anita is with prayers. He believes being the wife of a man of God does not make anyone instantly mature. He understands mistakes can still be made, and in this instance these mistakes caused the marriage to end prematurely.

As a man of intelligence, Pastor Chris is aware of all the negativity being reported by some of the media houses in South Africa and Nigeria. He also understands the frivolous charges and stupid writing do not define him. He has never been accused of most of what has been written, and he did not do the things he has been unjustly accused of. All he can do is explain the truth of what has happened, and continue with his mission to serve God.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome serves the Christ Embassy and Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated as the President, the pastor, and a man of God. Pastor Chris was sent by God to use his commitment and passion to minister the gospel. His ministry is filled with spirit, multifaceted, dynamic, global, and his anointed leadership fulfils the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Chris is so many things to millions of people. He is a pastor, a teacher, a television host, a healing minister, and the writer of a best selling daily devotional.

Pastor Chris radiates his passion every day in his desire to reach all of the world’s people with the manifested presence of God. He has been gifted with a divine commission, and he has dedicated his life to serving God. His focus has not wavered for over thirty years.

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