Warren Buffett on Corporate America and Gun Debate

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Gun Debate in the US

According to Warrant Buffett, Corporate America shouldn’t participate in the gun debate. As Buffet notes, he’s acting as a private citizen and he’s not speaking on behalf of conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway. The conglomerate is controlled by Warren Buffett.

He, as the chairman and chief executive officer, speaks at the parent company level, noting that they’ve never made a political contribution.

Buffet mentions that he doesn’t believe in imposing his political opinions on the activities of their businesses. Buffet believes they shouldn’t put a question on the Geico policy form: “Are you a member of the NRA? If yes, you aren’t good enough for us.”

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Views on Gun Sales

In February 2018, Warrant Buffet said he thought what the kids were doing was very admirable. However, he didn’t think Berkshire had to say they would stop doing business with people who held guns.

There’s been intense pressure on investment funds and Corporate America to make them cut their ties with manufacturers and pro-gun groups since the Florida school shooting on February 14.

Charles Thomas Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, an American investor, businessman and philanthropist, says they aren’t going to ban all guns surrounded by wild turkeys in Omaha.

Buffet notes that if you get to which are pure companies and which aren’t, it calls for a complicated answer.

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